Being casual has always brought problems with most people especially when the occasion does not really call for it.  My husband has always been comfortable with mostly wearing a pair of denims and a crew neck shirt whenever we would go out for a leisurely stroll in one of the local malls.  Although it makes him so at ease with this normal outfit of his most of the time, there are a few instances that he is just forced to dress up based on what the event requires?  I have always reminded him of certain things such as putting on the proper attire and such when needed; we often end up in short arguments.

Recently while going through a few items at one of the more popular shopping areas in our locality, I have chanced upon an irresistible bargain of men’s apparel and have immediately thought of getting hold of a few good looking ones for him.  I could not believe the discounted prices seeing that they were labelled with well known brand names and were really authentic.  So as not to be left behind by the rest of the bargain hunters, I immediately purchased some knowing that these would come close to his liking.  As soon as I have arrived home later that day, I have asked him to try these out and much to my surprise received a positive response and he seemed very pleased.  One of the comments I got was that these were actually the same outfit he was looking at prior to the sale.  I knew that it was the right choice and I could not have gone wrong with coogi.

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