Curb Chain

I have always been fond of creating young ladies’ accessories when I was a lot younger during my teen years spent as a struggling university student. I still remember clearly that I had quite a difficult time trying to make ends meet, between school expenses and daily allowances, which meant being frugal most of the time and spent money very wisely. I knew that there were other ways of being able to survive and several ideas crossed my mind at that time. I tried several odd jobs including waiting on tables and babysitting. Although it got me the funds I needed badly, it was not actually what I had in mind which meant that I would not be found doing this for the rest of the remaining seasons. Finally, out of mere luck, one of my roommates over at the boarding house noticed that I was meticulously working on a personal project of mine which was a simple necklace made of readily available recyclable materials. It was from there that everything actually got started.

Up to this day, whenever I could find time on weekends, I would just curl up into one of our comfortable sofas and would just weave away. I would say that it does not get me that much as I would have actually needed as compared to way back in college, but it does help me pass the time in a very productive way, and not to mention the satisfaction of people who I create them for. It is not really that difficult to do but it takes creativity which I believe can be mastered in due time. Among the favourites that I have recently made are those that make use of a curb chain. It doesn’t only look very elegant but it surely does make someone wearing it feel beautiful both inside and out.

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