Gift Ideas for Son’s Birthday

Growing up in a somewhat large family almost always brought chaos decades ago when all siblings would end up having arguments and the like, most especially the boys.  I was always the one who pacified things and tried to keep neutral in trying to solve things among us children.  It was not like long ago when each and everyone among us have had our shares of being parents to our own brood and re-experience what we have gone through from our kids.

However, it is not like it was a complicated thing, growing up with mostly boys that is.  I have to admit that it was mostly fun and adventurous.  Now that we have been apart since all of us started setting down in different locations, we never fail to hold reunions.  Some of us even have grown up and mature children, which we consider a special blessing and an extension of our heritage.  I remember when one of our younger brothers called us up to setup a last minute appointment and have even sent handwritten notes to our doorsteps which read Gift Ideas for Son’s birthday, please try to make it.  With that said, everybody made sure that every opinion and suggestions were heard.

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