Baseball Gifts

I have not been so much of a sports fan as compared to my other two brothers.  Having grown up in a family wherein men have always been quite dominant when it came to physical activities, I would have to admit that I do have my own share of wonderful experiences when it comes to outdoor events and at times could actually hold my own.  I would say that it was on account of my father being involved in our school’s annual festivities involving athletic festivals back then, which eventually grew on all of us children.

Now that I have my own family, part of the environment I grew up in never seemed to have gone away.  I always marvel at how children just don’t seem to run out of energy seeing them spend practically hours playing in our backyard.  It was really quite a sight for both me and my husband when we saw the initial reaction of one of our kids when he got a couple of baseball gifts for his birthday.  It just made us more proud in being parents.

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