September 2, 2011 archive


I have been known to be the competitive type of person ever since my school days.  I grew up within a family of athletes and scholastic achievers and I have learned so much about keeping a positive attitude towards setting personal goals.  All of the other siblings either excelled in sports or in academics while …

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Compost Bin

Being raised in a family of nature lovers and adventurers, I have learned a lot of good things about being one with the environment and on account of this; I am able to enjoy an abundance of great pleasure just being able to experience a lot.  I have been married for almost a decade now and I believe that …

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There has always been that problem of quitting something that has been acquired from years of encouragement and ignorance when it comes to consequences.  I have been married for the past decade and I can say that when I first met my present husband who was then my boyfriend, smoking seemed to be one bad …

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