Compost Bin

Being raised in a family of nature lovers and adventurers, I have learned a lot of good things about being one with the environment and on account of this; I am able to enjoy an abundance of great pleasure just being able to experience a lot.  I have been married for almost a decade now and I believe that I have been blessed with a good husband that shares the same sentiments when it comes to living life the way it should be, which is being free from the complexities found within a city.

It was a few years back that we have finally decided to settle down within one of the nicest areas just out of town.  I could say that it is very similar to the place I grew up in during my childhood years and this is what made me feel very comfortable from the start.  I am really appreciative of how the house was previously built and how it is able to project a specific character that makes both I and my husband enjoy every moment.  What makes our home very ideal for the kids is the large sprawling garden behind.  It is really blessed with having beautiful flowering plants and bushy shrubs lined up against a row of sturdy trees.  In addition to these wonders, I would also like to mention the fresh grass that the kids find themselves running around on practically on every weekend when we have some nephews and nieces over for the night.  I know that maintenance is not that easy though, and having to keep it as good looking as it is, it takes quite a lot of effort.  However, as strenuous as it may seem, the family enjoys taking some time to do things together and with a few proper tools and equipment like a shovel, a pair of garden shears, and a compost bin, we seldom find ourselves traveling to far places just to get the same experience in our own backyard.

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