There has always been that problem of quitting something that has been acquired from years of encouragement and ignorance when it comes to consequences.  I have been married for the past decade and I can say that when I first met my present husband who was then my boyfriend, smoking seemed to be one bad habit that I wished he could get rid of.  Although he knew of what it could actually bring to his health, he just could not seem to let go.

It was not long ago when we both attended a seminar for smokers and was just hoping on learning ways and means on how to help kick the craving.  Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way we were expecting it to after he has gone through this specific method.  However, it was much to our good fortune that we were able to meet a couple during the same seminar and have grown close to one another.  It was through this good people that we have learned about the ecigarette.  I know that it has not been long enough though, but trying it out sure made a big difference according to my husband.  I am not quite sure, but he said that he has felt a big change when it came to being more active and less sluggish.  I believe that it is doing him a lot of good so far.

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