I and my husband have been involved in trading for years now, although specialized in different lines; we still share the same principles which have helped us succeed in most ventures.  The most important factor that both of us agree on is having the right personnel to help with the unrelenting tasks of checking out merchandise which we deal in.  It is uncommon for anyone in this kind of business to pursue such endeavour without having the right equipment on hand.  It will only prove to be complicated if one should implement certain systems without the proper tools and would only rely on manual efforts.

Over the years, I have learned how important it is to rely on proper tooling since it has proved to create efficiency and mores, the kind of accuracy that we expect.  I have always maintained small staffs which are directly involved in physically inspecting the merchandise we trade.  Never did I expect them to come up with such dramatic results when I have introduced them to tools such as a barcode scanner.  It has not only made their work a lot easier, it has also provided us with the assurance that our products are well within the requirement and having the proper details and information our wholesale client needs.

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