I could say that I am not mechanically inclined and really skilful with my hands and being a typical working housewife, I heavily rely on my husband when it comes to things that involve some repairs around the house.  It is very seldom that we resort to calling professionals whenever such occasions come up because of the costs involved.  Fortunately, it has been some sort of a hobby for him and has actually invested in some tooling machineries which he keeps stashed away in small room outside our home that serves as a workshop.

I am really quite amazed at the things he has done so far such as working on minor refurbishing of some furniture’s, some masonry work on our backyard, plumbing and electrical jobs.  He has even single-handedly fabricated a sliding gate in our front perimeter wall that serves as the main entrance for our vehicles leading into the garage.  Surprisingly, it would normally take two people to do such a chore from scratch, let alone coming up with a detailed design in consideration of the actual location and space provided for the install.  I have to admit that I had some part in making it possible by assisting him in sourcing for the right materials to be purchased with his guidance.  As an example, prior to the build, I have gone through several online shops looking for bearings that were required based on specifications he had initially drawn.  Luckily, I was able to source these with much ease and was immediately purchased without any problems. The result was just remarkable and was worth every effort I would say.  It was not only a practical solution to save up on some cash, but it has been serving us well ever since.

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