Titanium Earrings

I have been married for almost a decade from now and I can truly admit that both I and my husband have enjoyed every bit of each moment together.  I have always wondered whether things could turn rough when the time comes between the both of us since I have experienced this happening to some close friends of mine with their own relationships.  However, I have then realized that every situation is subjective and would depend on a lot of factors, mostly character.

Having to share years of bliss with my spouse, I have nothing much to say about it but just satisfaction and pure transparency, which in turn, has been the foundation of what has been of us up to this point.  Anniversaries are considered the most important event in our lives since it has always signified unselfish and undivided attention from both of us, regardless of any situation.  My better half has always been known to be a simple person, but a very caring one, and he made sure that I felt it at all times.  I still remember very clearly that during one of those quite days at home, he presented me with a pair of titanium earrings.  He has always battled it out whenever he would try to express his personal affection towards me, but it was very clear what these signified which was more than enough for me.

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