Wire Duct

I and my husband have been married for almost a decade now and have moved from our first home to the one that we have right now.  I strongly feel that this present house we have will last us during our lifetime because of the wonderful neighbourhood and wonderful overall environment which would be very conducive for later years and serve well during our retirement period.

As of the moment, although it has been almost a full year since we have moved in, I do have to admit that we are still presently renovating both lower and upper floors as far as the basic structure, furnishings and fixtures are concerned.  I am quite positive though that all these will finally come to an end towards the end of this year so that we could move to the outer portions including the garden and front lawn.  As part of a major upgrade plan, we have realized that the whole electrical system should be reinforced well in anticipation of avoiding future repairs that might prove to be more costly.   We have further discovered by chance the some harnesses and cables were lacing some wire duct which need to part of the priority list.  We are on specific budget and I am optimistic that we can work within it.

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