Steel Buildings

I have never been so much interested in cars until the time I met my husband back in the days when we were going out.  I grew up within the confines of a practical home and learning how to drive back then was more of a necessity rather than a privilege and luxury.  I would say that this was because I was the eldest among us children and had to take up the responsibility of being able to take my younger brothers and sister to school.  There were times that weekends basically meant taking them to the nearest arcade whenever both my father and mother were unable to due to their respective jobs.

It was more of an obligation that I had to get myself familiar with vehicles.  I only have my boyfriend then to be very thankful for, who happens to be my present hubby.  I have to admit that it was because of him that I have learned all the proper ways on handling a car, not only starting it up and making it go, but also quite a few things about maintenance.  At times, he brought me to automobile trade shows that featured modified rides and I would have to say that it had really got me more interested even up to this time.  Now that whenever I look at my sport utility vehicle, having those ruggedly handsome but steel buildings only make me smile and appreciate what I have.

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