Garter Belts

Fashion has always been a serious matter for women, most especially for those within my age group in particular.  I am not saying that ladies belonging to the older generation are not into it as most of us are, however, because of the slight difference between generations; styling is almost always the main factor when it comes to preferences.

I have always maintained a basic principle whenever I would find myself shopping for the proper wardrobe.  I am a person who is conscious of what I wear and at the same time being practical for me should also be among my top considerations. I still clearly remember the time when I came across a bargain offering among one of those well-known shops within a local mall.  I was just simply amazed at the bargain prices they had to offer on some very interesting items.  Among them were garter belts for women and because of my curiosity, I could not help but be part of the frenzy that was going on.  Much to my surprise, I found myself picking up a couple to try out.

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