Dance Zumba

Our family has always been active in whatever activities we get ourselves involved in.  Regardless of the nature of the activity and occasion, we always find ourselves enjoying every bit of it.  I still remember the time when my husband brought home one night an exercise machine to help us keep in shape in doors.  However, much to our dismay, my children included, it was not as much fun as getting everybody involved at the same time.

During one of our trips to the local malls on one weekend, our youngest son suggested to drop by the arcade to have some fun.  I would say that it was one of those memorable moments wherein nobody could actually stop talking about it up until dinner time.  The very next week, their father brought home a very similar system that all of us enjoyed the most at the arcade.  Now, the most common phrase heard in our household is dance zumba, most especially when the end of the week is approaching.

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