Prom Dress

I still remember by high school years when I was so involved in every single class activity.  I was then elected as one of the officials of our student council and as part of my obligation, annual festivities that were scheduled at the start of each opening year was under my responsibility.  It was not an easy task and had always required most of my time.  This was mainly because of the coordination and creating specific programs.

There is one special occasion among young girls that really gets them all so excited.  It practically gets everyone in the family involved and I personally keep those warm memories close to my heart.  It was among those rare and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that any teenager would not dare to miss out on.  As involved as I was before, I had an opportunity once more to be part of such a glorious event.  My niece had just held theirs recently and was just so proud to assist her in getting her prepared.  It was just so fortunate that we were able to spot a prom dress at and I would say that it just brought out the best in her.  She has never been as appreciative as she ever was and I would even presume that it made us closer than before.

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