Wedding Bands

I clearly remember the time when I received a proposal from my fiancée at that time.  It all happened when we were having dinner one time at my parents’ home far from the city.  Our acquaintance all began when we were given a chance by the business organizations we were then connected with to work on a common project.  It did not take that long before we got very comfortable with each other up to the point where we had met our respective families on several occasions.  These were moments that have actually opened doors to a more serious relationship.

Being the eldest in a brood of four children, I have to say that I was the one who was considered to be the most likely to settle down earlier than the others.  However, on account of a promising career, it seemed that things did not fall into place as what everyone has been expecting.  I am very glad and have really appreciated the fact that it turned out the way it did since I am now enjoying every bit of married life with my husband.  Every time I get to see us wear our wedding bands when we are together just make me feel very blessed and I know that patience is the best virtue one can have in leading towards a blissful life.

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