Yo Yo

During my growing up years, I have spent most of my playtime being around my brothers, thus, which made me very familiar with the things we used to get ourselves busy with at that time.  Summers meant spending time with our grandparents’ place in the suburbs and just enjoying the wonderful experience of the outdoors when they would take us on short trips either to the beach or campsites.  Otherwise, we would just spend time in the backyard splashing water around and playing with the dogs the whole day.

I clearly remember how my grandfather was so crafty when it came to things like making kites and building tree houses.  There was one special thing though that still stuck to my mind and this was the yo yo he had made for all of us.  We each had one which were painted with attractive colors and just seemed to glow whenever they would spin.  It was one among the several things he had given us that was really memorable.

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