I grew up in a family of medical practioners, from aunties who were nurses and uncles and grandfathers who were doctors.  I would say that on account of my exposure to them, I was, more or less, familiarized with different aspects of health issues.  This has made me so conscious of my physical condition being actively involved in my business in the marketing field.  I seldom have time to really take long rests and go for regular checkups because of time constraints; however, I try to make it a point to take the proper supplements and food intake.

In today’s society, less attention has been given to implementing a sound practice when it comes to healthy living.  I was a bit surprised when I had a chance to drop by the local hospital one day to visit a close friend of mine.  She had been confined for a couple of days because of the results that came out after her physical.  It seems that she developed a strange lump on her right wrist, which turned out to be a wart of some sort.  However, after consulting her personal physician, it turns out that it can be easily removed with the use of a  cautery.  This has surely made her more at ease.

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