Acer in Canada

Establishing your own business is never as easy as it has always been deemed to be.  I still remember the time when I practically spent precious weekends at our small office instead of being with my family just to get things settled and organized before the start of the working week.  I should admit that getting trusted people to assist would just do it, however, it has never crossed my mind to entrust such delicate and sensitive matters to newly appointed apprentices, most especially when it came to the financial aspects of the business.  Granted that I have decided to do specific things on my own, nevertheless, my personal staff do have their share of important obligations.

During the initial week of operations, one of my very good friends happened to be in the area and had decided to drop by for a visit.  Although she was in the same trade as me, she was working within an area hundreds of miles away doing the same marketing stuff.  She has actually applauded the system by which I run the office, including inventories and such.  Coming up with a computerized system was really at the top of my list of priorities, most especially when it has proven to be as efficient as I had expected it to be.  I have now forgotten those lost weekends spent at home relaxing on account of a very effective process that we have all learned to adapt to.  It seems that she had established something similar making use of equipment she had purchased through acer in canada which had practically everything she needed.

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