Behringer Headphones

Ever since we have transferred to our new home a little more than a couple of years back, my husband has been nothing more than completely satisfied with what we have experienced since that time.  Although, it was nothing as easy as just moving things into house when we began to transfer, but every single repair and improvement we did over these past years finally paid off.  The children now have a bigger yard to play round in together with their neighborhood friends, I have full access to my kitchen and my husband just looks forward to spending his weekends in his workshop and music room adjacent to the garage.

I had to make special mention of the music room since he has intentionally built one to place all his equipment we had brought with us from our previous house.  Only to mention a few, a complete set of instruments that make up a small band, speaker monitors, small amplifiers, lots of cables and a couple of decks of music sources like compact disc players and the like.  I still remember when I joined him one afternoon when we dropped by the local music shop to pick up a pair of behringer headphones which he had hooked up to his personal player.  Now I only get to see him during lunch and dinner at weekends, but the important thing is that he is always around most of the time

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