Cute Teddy Bears

Being close to one’s growing up years can surely make someone reminiscent of the past.  Even after I have finally settled down with a wonderful husband, I still keep close to my heart some memorabilia’s of what made me who I am right now, and these include things from my childhood.  I presently maintain a small room where we get to keep stuff like these, which include those belonging to my husband.  Together with some of his precious collections of stamps, photos, music albums and such, I do have quite a few boxes full of mine.

I have to be quite honest when I say that we still find time browsing through them whenever we get the chance to and this helps us keep track of how we were and how wonderfully pleasant it was decades back.  It is one way of keeping in close touch of how things were and helped us realize what our children should be looking forward to as far as having good memories are concerned.  In fact, I still have a couple of my cute teddy bears which I had when I was a little over 5 years of age.  They always kept me company in bed and as far as I can remember, would comfort me whenever I was feeling down.  I would surely want the children to be able to experience such wonderful things and both I and my husband feel that it is part of the obligation of being parents to impart whatever we can.

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