Gibson Guitars

I grew up in a family that learned to appreciate music as a whole.  Although only a few of us learned to play instruments, it was still apparent that we had it in us whenever we would have gatherings over at our grandparents’ home outside the city.  We would hold occasional parties among close relatives and friends on weekends and would make sure that there were programs the keep us well entertained, which involved a lot of singing and fooling around.  The children also had their share of sharing their talents in mixing it up with the grownups, which made it more interesting to witness.

I still remember the time when we were a lot young when my grandfather would pick up one of his gibson guitars and started to play for everyone whenever we would drop by for a visit.  It was one among those memorable occasions when we would just join in to sing or just plainly hum to the tune.  I was very fortunate to have a husband who practically shares the same interest in music and who happens to be quite skillful when it comes a six-string.  As old as my grandfather is, he still can come up with a few tunes that my husband could barely keep up with.  I think they call it jamming, as what as I was told later on. Because of the appreciation he saw in my husband, we were more than lucky to be a recipient of one his personal collections of classics, I do believe it was a late fifties vintage which he only got to fool around with on rare occasions.

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