Personalized Coins

Grand family reunions have always been something to look forward to in attending, most especially when it involves several generations of kin.  I have always wondered how well organized these occasions are often carried out when it takes lots of patience from drawing out plans to setting up dates up to the point of getting practically everybody committed.  It is not only a matter of providing the right venue but coming up with enough funding to gets it going.  Most often, it is always sponsored by someone belonging to the clan who is within the capacity to do so, after all, it does take people who is relatively in a very comfortable status.

Both I and my husband have taken the initiative together with another close cousin of mine to become sponsors end of this year.  Although expenses would probably cost us a great portion of our annual household budgets, it is the expected results that will prove it to be worth every effort.  Having accepted confirmation and approval of the final location and the menu to be served during this upcoming event, we have then focused on other items such as giveaways and memorabilia’s that would remind us of this glorious moment.  After all the deliberation and brainstorming among us cousins and in-laws, we were able to arrive at a specific item that could be out of the ordinary.  During one of our trips to the local malls in search of more ideas, we came across a novelty shop that had several great stuff that easily provided us with this decision.  It has been unanimously agreed upon that personalized coins were to be awarded to each individual family.  It will be designed in a way that it will bear our family’s name and an inscription of the year when the annual event was first initiated and the date of this year’s festivity.  I am more than sure that these will be kept for more generations to come by the ones who will get the chance to have these in their possession.

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