Worm Composting Bin

I grew up in a family that believed in doing things the natural way most of the time.  The best example of this would be the dinner table where we would have some of the most nutritious and healthy foods readily available.  This is a consequence of both my parents belonging to a long line of medical practitioners and having said this, this wonderful practice have been passed down through a couple of generations.

Our home is basically located within a suburban setting and both my husband and myself have ever since enjoyed the calmness and serenity of such an environment.  The children just love going through something new each day which is provided by our backyard.  It was just lately that my hubby came up with a great idea of growing things ourselves.  So, one weekend, he decided to gather everyone for an activity that would get everybody as excited as anything.  We had cleared a specific area in the garden that was for the sole purpose of growing vegetables.  Near these plots that we made is a huge  worm composting bin at CompostBins.com that could produce enough organic fertilizer from our own recyclable garbage.  We are now very anxious in coming up with our first harvest from this.

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