Djarum Black

I have been married to my husband for almost 10 years now and I could literally say that I practically know him inside and out.  However, although there are advantages, I do honestly believe that sometimes, it just leads to certain things like arguments and discussions.  In almost all probabilities, it is on account of differences in opinions and just plain disagreement.

Granted that things have just been more than smooth between the both of us, there are still a lot of matters that we need to sort out and some of them are just as simple as anything.  It was just recently that I have finally sat down with him to talk about his smoking habits and I was really surprised how it turned out soon after.  We have finally agreed that lighting a cigarette indoors is no longer tolerable and he has to take the nearest exit, either to our backyard or the front porch, to fulfill his craving.  I really felt guilty after all this, and he being open-minded and very receptive, just made I feel bad all the more.  As a form of peace-offering, I have actually gotten him a pack of djarum black which was actually new to him and have never seen him as satisfied as he was when he took his first stick.

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