Alcohol Rehab Center

I come from a large family that believes in values that dates back to several generations.  I still remember the time when I was growing up together with both my grandparents over at their suburban home.  We used to have monthly gatherings that they would organize among peers working over at a non-profit organization that was devoted to assisting senior citizens of their locality.  I have been witness to their sincere pleasure in giving out services to others which caught my interest in pursuing such endeavors.  It was not until my secondary school that I got myself active in such social welfare work as a volunteer wherein I would attend organization meetings that helped the homeless and other less fortunate people.  It was because of the experience and the exposure that I had finally decided to pursue this certain calling, even if it was just going to be a small part of my life.

As the years went by, finding myself with a stable business and a family of my own, I have then looked into the possibility of spending more of my family time with others who needed moral upliftment and support.  I have actually encouraged my husband and children to help me out with this venture of mine, which ended up as a good eye-opener to the kids.  Living within the city proper, we were just limited to a few institutions that were more than just glad to be as receptive as they could towards uninvited visitors like ourselves.  It had turned out to be a very good initiative for all of us and since then, we have made it a part of our family’s itinerary.  The most memorable for us was the time that we first dropped by an alcohol rehab center.  We were completely amazed at how they have welcomed us with open arms and just how they opened up in discussing personal things.  I do believe that our visit did not only create more comfort for them, but most importantly, gave myself and my children a new perspective on life.  It was not only about giving support, but it was more of being human and having to interact in this manner just brought out hope in everyone.

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