Ametrine Beads

I have always fancied making personal accessories as far back as I can remember.  In fact, during my childhood years, I and my close friends would meet up at our house on weekends to work on certain projects for the group.  I would say that it was something that all of were interested in being as close as we were at that time.  It was one way of probably expressing ourselves as individuals during our growing up days and that meant a lot to us pre-teeters at that time.  We have actually carried out this thing for accessorizing until the time we got into college and that was a whole different story.

It seemed that university life had its ups and downs, those fun and boring moments, and most importantly, experiences that I would never forget.  I was a working student at that time and saving up a penny or two was so important, having to support myself through school was my immediate concern.  This is was the main reason I had to find another source of income during my spare time, which was mostly on weekends.  It never really came to me not until one of my roommates brought up the idea of selling some of these trinkets and bracelets I already had.  I did not actually make that much, but whenever I was free, I would make a couple of them just to pass the time, and they did get me some extra cash.

It was just recently and after settling down and having children that I have decided to go back to the think I like the most.  In having my own small marketing business, it just seemed to be the most logical thing to do at home on Saturdays when the kids are out with their friends and time was at my disposal.  It was just my luck when I happened to come across some very attractive Ametrine Beads while browsing through the internet.  I could say that these are among the most attractive things that could be applied to any accessory I could make.  I might just end up with creating something unique with personal designs I have in mind and might just prove to be lucrative in the end.

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