The only time I could remember that I really had a difficult time when I was still in school was when I was made to lift a ton-load of stuff.  During our time, catching up with the early morning bus was a feat not only for our mothers but for ourselves as well when we were growing up.  Just imagine spending practically eight classroom hours studying and at the end of each day, having to make it home on time for an early dinner by boarding the same ride home with the same things in hand.  Personal lockers did wonders, however, the space was just limited to a few things and the bulk of it had to be in my person.

I have been an actual witness to my own experiences, and this is through my own children.  I have initially purchased those small carts with wheels to rid them of the burden of having to physically carry loads of things.  Unfortunately, because of its size, it proved to be more impractical for the kids.  Boarding and getting off their ride meant a great deal of sacrifice.  This is why I have finally opted in getting them a Bookbag each.  It may be a bit more bulky, but it was far more convenient and it was more easy to organize when it came to packing them full.

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