Gift Basket

I can say that I grew up within a family that was very close and that every single occasion was treated really special.  It was probably on account of how we were raised and how well we got along with all of our relatives.  I still remember those special functions that were planned on an annual basis, just like reunions and of course, Christmas.  These were times that everybody practically looked forward to in attending and needed careful organizing and coordination.  Now that I have a family of my own, things could not have been better since I was just made host of one of these momentous events.

It was month’s back that I received a phone call about this wonderful assignment.  I would have to admit that it was not an easy task to undertake since preparation would have to start weeks ahead.  I had to make a long list of things to be done, from food-preparation to seating arrangements and programs for the young members.  I would not have made it such a success if it were not for my own children and husband.  One among the things that I have prepared was to present a gift basket to each family representative of how deeply their presence was appreciated.  It all turned out to be among the best intimate gatherings.

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