Push Reel Mower

Moving into a new home is not as easy as it seems even if the house you have just purchased seemed to have practically all the amenities and facilities you were looking for initially.  I and my husband had moved into our new abode just a few months back and ever since that time, there was never a weekend that just meant relaxation.  We had to spend time refurbishing the existing furnishings and fixtures, not to mention the yard behind that was so abundantly green with shrubs and trees.

The property never did come with a fenced perimeter and so my hubby just had to build one by him.  Staying within a suburban community brings out all the fun and joy of living, this includes raising children and caring for family pets.  Although as promising as it may have been, we have encountered quite a number of minor setbacks, including revitalizing the lawn.  Hard as it may have seemed, it was done within a couple of weeks with the help of a push reel mower.  Even the kids enjoyed taking time to do it themselves, of course with watchful eyes on them.  It was one way of keeping ourselves preoccupied and at the same time, share moments together.

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