Sturdy Step

I have just set up my own business office together with a good friend of mine who I’ve worked with for years in a marketing company.  We both shared the ideas that one day, we could find ourselves running our own small enterprise.  With the knowledge and expertise when it comes to managing staff and doing sales, it was agreed that we would give it a shot given our tenure of almost ten years with our previous employer.  It was not long ago that we have finally made our initial move and was able to find the most appropriate location.  It is not that far from both our homes and that coming and going to work was so convenient that it only took us a few minutes to get there.

I would have to admit that it was not an easy task at all from day one.  The place had to be cleaned thoroughly due to the past tenant who must have used it as a service center for appliances that he had dealt with.  However, much to our surprise, because of what was stipulated in the contract provided by the landlord, pretty much everything that we have found within the premises would be included in the lease cost.  Although the work was a bit tremendous in clearing things up, we have found very useful furnishing and fixtures like chairs, tables and a sturdy step that proved to be practical in getting to those overhang cabinets.  We never expected to save quite an amount with what we have seen after the clear-up was over and done with.

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