Being involved in the field of manufacturing for years, my husband has always been so amazed at how factories seemed to improve on their system of developing new ways and means of improving their efficiency.  It was just recently that we have been invited to a plant visit where he has played a small part in this project by helping out with the conceptualization stage because of his expertise.  Little did he know that one among a few of his inputs were actually applied to their production process and that according to a technical supervisor, who happened to be on the job at that time, it has proved to be a real asset to the overall process.  One very good comment and feedback was that it had increased their output by a margin without any hitches or drawbacks.

My husband has been in retirement as a full time site consultant and has since been doing consultancy work for a majority of the local manufacturers in the area.  He has never been so detailed and updated on whatever new design concepts that suppliers of equipment’s have to offer.  It has been his line of work to be always on top of things and this is a vital part among several responsibilities he had to take up.  I am not much of a technical person and being in an industry far-related to his, it just leaves me amazed at how well-versed he always has been when it comes to these things.  There is never a day during a week of work that he is never stuck to his laptop in search of inspiration for ideas and sourcing for any developments.  It was during one quiet dinner we were having at home after a grueling trip he made out of town that he mumbled some good news about the project he was presently working on.  He repeatedly mentioned that things went as expected and it was on account of a site that he was able to come across while doing some searching.  It turns out that he had gone through DFTCorp.com hydraulic power unit and this is what made him successful once more with so many options he had on hand.  I was not quite sure what he meant when he said that it was well worth the extra effort not until the time he explained to me the whole process he had undergone

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