Gifts for a Groom

I have practically spent all my childhood years growing up in the presence of boys, mainly my brothers and cousins.  There was never a day that we did not spend together, whether having debates and arguments or just plainly hanging out at the local mall.  I could say that we were just so inseparable at that time until the time that we all had to part ways when we got into our respective universities.  It was a point in my life that everything changed so drastically and I had to admit that major adjustments had to be made.  I got so used to the idea that they were just a call away whenever I felt like opening up to someone about some frustration or something that was out of the ordinary.  It was probably the most difficult process that I had to undergo as far as my social life back then was concerned.  Although I have gained new friends during the transition, I still could not let go of the fact that I was still dependent on my brothers and cousins.

After a few hard years of schooling, it had seemed that everyone had almost immediately landed jobs and a few even setups their own small businesses just to get started on something.  This situation did not stop us from constantly getting in touch with each other either by mail or by phone, thus, we were almost always updated with news of each other.  I could still clearly remember the day when our youngest sibling announced the date of his wedding with someone he had known for quite sometime way back in college.  He informed us that the ceremony would be held at our local church and that they had to make early preparations since it would actually be some sort of a long awaited reunion among all of us.  I could actually consider it as second to my own wedding on account of the tension I had felt in trying to look for the right gifts for a groom.  Events like this just make everything about family more precious.

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