Horse Fly Sheets

I have always been fond of farm animals and those that can be domesticated like dogs and cats.  I grew up in within a suburban setting for almost half my entire life and being exposed to animals over at my grandparents farm hours away from where I stayed, I have grown a liking towards anything that just stayed on a ranch, critters and insects alike.  I could say that I lead quite an adventurous childhood together with my grandfather, who happened to be an authority when it came to livestock’s since this was their main line of business that kept their place going.

I remember those long summers spent with them when part of the long list of tasks was to clear out the barn, which included taking out the refuse and storing them in pits and to be used later on as organic fertilizers.  I was just plainly amused at the manner by which all these wonderful creations of nature were treated.  They were just in the best of health and the pigs seemed healthier than needed.  I could say that my most memorable experience was taking care of our prized mare and she was just as gentle as any house pet.  She was just remarkably majestic and beautiful and what made her special to me was she let me ride her once in a while.  Her coat just seemed to shine when sunlight hit her and I guess it was because of the constant grooming she received and those horse fly sheets that prevented possible infestation.

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