Universal Joint

I can consider myself as very lucky for having been married to a hands-on guy for almost a decade now.  It has a lot of advantages most especially when things need to be done around the house.  My husband has always been known for being technical when it comes to a lot of things involving machines and engines due to his experience with cars when he was growing up.  This expertise of his has always saved us a lot when it came to repairs and maintenance work at home.  It is really always a pleasure watching him work on something, most especially when I know that getting a professional could cost us an arm and a leg.

It was just recently that we made this out of town trip to visit some distant relative of mine and it was about a few days prior to our departure that he found out something wrong with our vehicle.  It was not a real surprise that something came up while he did his routinely checkup of our truck, but what was quite unusual was the nature of the trouble.  He had told me that it had something to do with a part along the undercarriage, and knowing him, he would not mention anything too specific since he knew that I would just be wondering what it was all about.  It practically took him only less than a couple of hours, from the time of purchase of the replacement part to the installation, which was less than the whole morning.  It turns out that the item he was referring to was a universal joint, and just like what I have previously mentioned, it is needless to say that I was clueless as to what function or purpose it served.  All that mattered to me was that we still made it as planned as far as schedules were concerned.

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