I would like to personally invite all of you prospective investors out there to a free cocktail at Sir Williams Hotel on June 02, 2012 starting at 4:00pm up to 9:00pm.  This is an open invitation to provide one great opportunity in realizing what BAYO CONDOTEL &SUITES has to offer in terms of great amenities and furthermore, very promising payment schemes that can be presented in detail.  It would be a great event that could open doors in making a very wise decision as far as interest in coming up with a good investment venture is concerned.
Nothing has been more affordable when it comes to investing the least amount possible in real estate and getting back more than what we normally expect.  I would highly recommend that you be present on this social occasion and start to shy away from skepticism and doubts.  There are special benefits that await those who attend such as a 2% straight discount for any transactions that have been finalized from June 02 until June 04.  Come and bring those close to you and share what this presentation is all about.

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