Gibson Acoustic Guitars

I have been an avid listener of music ever since I was in my high school years due to the fact that I grew up in the presence of amateur musicians.  I have very fond memories of my brothers practicing in our own garage with a couple of their friends for local gigs that they were invited to and it was something to look forward to.  Our parents were kind of the opposite in comparison to other fathers and mothers during that time since they were very supportive.  It was probably due to the fact that they were, at one time in their lives, got involved in the same hobby.

Our father, a contractor by profession, had actually renovated the upper portion of the garage into a small music studio where they could spend hours after school rehearsing, most especially on weekends when everyone was free to drop by just to watch.  He had even donated a couple of musical instruments, including a couple of gibson acoustic guitars, of which he would pick up at times and play along.  It seemed that everyone in the family were musically-inclined except myself, but it did not prevent me from being a fan whenever they would play.

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