Custom Challenge Coin

It has been quite a number of years since I had last opened my chest of collectibles which I had kept and treasured from way back during my younger years as a growing teenager.  I have been an avid collector of anything from old toys, scrapbooks, figurines and memorabilia that were an important part of my single life.  Now that I have been married for almost a decade, I still find myself into this hobby which just helps me bring back very good memories.  I have actually segregated them into specific eras which have actually helped me go through them with ease whenever I felt a bit nostalgic.
Both I and my husband have been sharing common things together ever since we have settled down.  As a matter of fact, he also has his own share of stuff that he has kept from way back then.  I was just completely amazed by his old stamp collection upon seeing the condition that they were in.  It seems that we never get tired of coming up with ideas on what to collect next.  It was just recently that he had actually invited me to join him in an effort to start something new and different for the both of us.  He had actually thought of starting a collection of pins and the like and upon hearing this, I have immediately searched the internet for possible options.  I was quite amused at this thing that I have found at one site over the internet.  The site offers custom-made items that are manufactured based on designs provided by clients.  This has actually raised my interest since it can provide a lot of very good opportunities.  I have been thinking of coming up with an attractive and meaningful artwork for a custom challenge coin, something that is unique in all aspects and can be part of an interesting collection for decades or more.

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