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Driving has always been some sort of a therapy for both myself and my husband.  I have acquired my skills as far back during my latter days in high school when I got hold of my first car which was a present from my father.  I have never felt so much independence ever since the day I made it out of town on my own.  The feeling was just incomparable to anything during that time.  I still remember quite clearly that every weekend was spent with my own vehicle, either going on short trips with some friends or at the local garage having it tuned or repaired.  It was something that I enjoyed the most when there was not much to do around the house as far as obligations were concerned.

I have met my husband right out of college and it had seemed that we did share the same passion when it came to spending time out on the road.  We have both decided to settle down after a few years of courtship and have set up house within a quiet and small suburban area just outside the city that we both previously stayed when we were single.  It just seemed the only logical thing to do since it was what we both had in mind and that both our jobs were just less than an hour away.  We try our best to spend countless hours together whenever we could since we believe that there is no other thing to make a relationship thrive than having quality time in each other’s company.

It was not just long ago that he has decided to purchase a second hand road bike and took me for a ride to the city.  It was the most memorable experience I have had that month, until the time he gifted me further with a complete riding attire that, more or less, matched his.  He told me about a site on the internet which he found that had just about almost anything you needed, from gloves to very attractive Wholesale Jackets.  There has never been a dull moment whenever we would take our two-wheeler out for a spin.

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