Jul 15

Townhouses in Pedro Gil Street Metro Manila – Pedro Gil 888

Now PRE-SELLING Townhouse Units located along Pedro Gil Street, Manila … a stone’s throw away to Makati and easy access to the South Super Highway, which leads to other main thorough fares and two-way roads. The location is most favorable for those who frequently travel to almost all directions being situated in a place that has easy access to several alternate routes.  These units will be boasting of a modern design that will prove to be practical but layed out in very good taste.  As basis and reference on what to expect with this upcoming project, you can browse through the past ventures with pictures as below.  You will easily find that there is one thing in common among all of them and that is a uniqueness in appearance and of course the appeal in cost, which is basically the bottom line when choosing the right home and/or investment.


Balabac Makati Executive Homes for Sale

Delivered Projects


 With all these, it would be quite difficult not to give it some serious consideration, given that there are a lot of advantages as presented.  For further details and information, kindly get in touch with me by e-mail janet@philsproperty.com or by phone through telephone numbers +639178289128


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  1. Rod Talaro

    Hi Janet,

    I am interested buyer of Pedro Gil 888 townhouse and presently working abroad. Appreciate if you could advise me on the available units.

    Best regards,

    Rod Talaro

    1. Janet Borja

      Hi, tks for your inquiry. Checking if you receive my email. Tks.

  2. robert mutia

    good day janet, how to avail your unit, is it possible to look your model unit. tks

    1. Janet Borja

      hi thanks for your inquiry. and very sorry for my late reply as my site been down for several days already.

      last unit available is unit 24 P4.4m

      checking when will you be available for site visit? please send me text message +63917 / 922 – 8289128 or +639399289128. tks.

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