Blackberry Curve

I have been engaged in the marketing business for quite a number of years now and I can say that it has been quite an experience ever since this venture of mine had been set up.  I was initially involved in a local company that dealt in consumer items and held a managerial position in the acquisitions department but was indirectly tied to their distribution center.  As a consequence, I had direct knowledge on certain information concerning important data and surveys done during my tenure.  Unfortunately, due to some unlikely circumstance, the organization had to close which eventually lead to letting go of practically everything they had, including their stock inventories.  This was an opportunity that I could not resist and so, with whatever funds I had, I tried my best to get hold of whatever items I thought would prove to be worth the investment.


It was not after a long stint with the former company I used to work for that I had found myself pursuing what I had done previously.  I still remember that I practically had everybody in the family so anxious and excited with this new idea I had come up with.  It did not take long before things got started with the help of everybody around the house.  Although it was not an easy task just coordinating things among all of us, communication was never a problem.  In fact, it proved to be the only thing that held us together during critical times, such as deliveries and client relations.  Another wise decision that we have done I would say was the purchase of reliable and efficient mobile communication equipment.  After a long search for the most practical one, we have ended up getting hold of a couple of units of the blackberry curve.  It did not only make things a lot easier for us, but it did increase our efficiency because of its practicality.

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