I have been involved in the marketing business for almost more than ten years now and it has all been possible due to the fact that I have had experience working for a firm that dealt with consumer products prior to getting myself into this venture.  During my tenure over at the company I previously worked for,  I have had the privilege of handling accounts and was part of a very dynamic team of people who were basically full of enthusiasm and ideas.  It was because of these positive influences that I have decided to set up my own organization.

It was not so long ago that things just went from busy to very hectic due to the sudden increase in demand for several items that we have been pushing for about a couple of months now.  Although it was expected as a consequence of our perseverance, it had exceeded our expectations as far as our estimated volume of orders were concerned.  We were just in the middle of improving our system and have actually made some minor adjustments when it came and I could say that it was just about the right time that it did.  Among the several modifications that we did within the management organization, we have also included quite a number of upgrades with our equipments.  The most practical one that also proved to be the most effective was the pc tune up from we have acquired for all our computers that we used for our communications and database storage.  It was a very wise decision to give this a total priority since we were all dependent on these in achieving our quotas and goals.

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