September 13, 2012 archive

Paternity Tests

In almost everything that I have read about domestic problems involving husbands and wives, in either newspapers or magazines, I have noticed that the most common reason was either infidelity or financial setbacks.  I would have to agree that the more popular cause among the two would be money matters, however, there is still more …

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Best Selling Guitars

I grew up in a home of musically-inclined people, from both my grandparents all the way down to my youngest brother.  I have to be honest in saying that I fall short of the talents most of them have, but I also would like to mention that I am gifted when it comes to listening …

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Home Brew Supplies

I grew up in a home where people did things on their own and these include practically everything there is when it came to the house and what made it run.  I think that all these can be attributed to the time when both our grandparents actually made sure that our parents knew how it …

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