Best Selling Guitars

I grew up in a home of musically-inclined people, from both my grandparents all the way down to my youngest brother.  I have to be honest in saying that I fall short of the talents most of them have, but I also would like to mention that I am gifted when it comes to listening to good music.  I still remember the days when we would spend our weekends together.  The occasion always brought everybody closer, from uncles to aunts and nephews to nieces, all enjoying the company of each other while paying attention to others, who either sang or played an instrument.  It was a real great experience and would always be part of my fondest memories.

There was one specific moment when practically everyone in the family had this rare opportunity to be a part of a musical presentation at one of our grand reunions.  It was so memorable that everyone had something great to share aside from their individual talents.  Among those that kept everyone so excited was the display of fine instruments including one of my uncle’s collections of best selling guitars that he was just so proud of.

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