Home Brew Supplies

I grew up in a home where people did things on their own and these include practically everything there is when it came to the house and what made it run.  I think that all these can be attributed to the time when both our grandparents actually made sure that our parents knew how it was to be self-sufficient.  It did make a lot of sense since it is now paying of and helping us with the household bills and expenses.

We were never really raised on extravagant things but when the budget was a little permissible, our father surely knew what we all wanted.  There was never a boring moment at our place, most especially on weekends, when everyone in the family would be around to enjoy meals and stories of how their week went.  Another interesting thing that we enjoyed watching our folks do was their own concoction of home-made spirits.  I did not know how they came up with this practice of theirs but it seemed to have a lot of people curious and everybody seemed to like what they were drinking and this is how we got our own share of the regular ration, including the neighbors.  This also further explains the tons of home brew supplies my mother kept safe in the storage room.

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