September 21, 2012 archive


WHY RENT when you can OWN? Why RENT for a period that almost seems to be an eternity when you can be more relaxed, comfortable and confident in putting up the same amount of money on a monthly basis and end up owning the home that you have been wanting in your dreams. It does …

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Bega Label

There are times when we just have to learn to adjust to whatever comes our way when it comes to dealing with our daily lives.  It was not recent that I have decided to quit my job over at a local marketing firm that dealt with clients within our vicinity.  We were basically involved in …

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Resistoflex Teflon Hose

I have been quite busy these past few weeks trying to be of help to my husband with his new venture.  He has resigned from his previous work over at a local engineering company that provides consultancy services to technical groups involved in manufacturing.  Ever since, he has decided to set up his own independent …

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