Resistoflex Teflon Hose

I have been quite busy these past few weeks trying to be of help to my husband with his new venture.  He has resigned from his previous work over at a local engineering company that provides consultancy services to technical groups involved in manufacturing.  Ever since, he has decided to set up his own independent outfit catering to private and small scale organizations that deal in the same field.  I have been supportive of his move since it has only proved to be logical with the cost of living going up and with bills piling up; it just seemed like a very reasonable decision at that time.  Initially, the investment we made were at a minimum since he did not need to employ any person at the time, however, as time went by and the demand for his services grew, it was inevitable that we took in someone who could at least take some workload off his shoulders while he personally attended to most of his important and loyal patrons.

It was not long ago that he requested that I get involved with the purchasing of vital equipment and supplies that are much needed for the business.  It was basically sourcing for items that were not really readily available in the market since they are supposed to be specific for every project and required detailed inquiries prior to purchase.  Since there was not much I could do at the moment and my own work provided me some time on the side, I have immediately begun to take up the challenge.  It had seemed to be quite an easy task up the time when things got a little complicated when I got the assignment of searching for a nearby supplier of some dependable resistoflex teflon hose for one of his clients based on the design my husband has come up with.  Just when I thought things would turn for the worst in finding the right source, I came across a dealer over at the internet that was just a couple of miles outside town.  I could say that it does pay to be persistent.

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