Medical Research on Cryptomonadales PPARs

The International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd has devoted a lot of efforts on studying the product, Crypto PPARs® (W87-10), and on revealing how the product improve human health.

 In the period of time between 1996 to 2006 with the supports of International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd researchers carried out series of research projects concerning about the effects of Crypto PPARs® on human chronic diseases by the collaboration of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, R.O.C, National Health Research Institutes (NHRI), and NCKU Research and Development Foundation (NCKURDF).

The researches have obtained several permanent results on Crypto PPARs® that may improve on topics of the blood lipid reduction, the anti-inflammation reaction, the immune system regulation, and the cancer chemoprevention.

The results are as following:

1. Crypto PPARs® may reduce the amount of triglyceride, cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL), but may increase the amount of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood of both animals and voluntary testers.

2. Crypto PPARs® plays an important role on regulating blood lipid and blood sugar in diabetes mellitus patients.

3. Crypto PPARs® possesses great potential in cancer prevention.

4. Crypto PPARs® possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and can regulate the immune system.

5. Other therapeutic potentials of Crypto PPARs® are under investigation.

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