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Vacation Property with complete facilities – FOR SALE LOCATION: Km. 107 Sitio Aguha, Bgy. Putting Kahoy, LIAN, BATANGAS (approximately a little over 2 hours drive from Manila via Tagaytay City) PROPERTY AREA: 8,619 sq. meters FACILITES: 6 year old bungalow house utilizing modern materials with 2 spacious bedrooms, one toilet and shower room, kitchen, living …

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Musicians Friend

I have just recently expanded our marketing business by adding a couple of extension offices within our locality and have assigned our senior employees as managing supervisors of the newly acquired staff who man these stations.  It was much to my satisfaction that this move has proved successful and could be considered as among the …

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Toggle Switches

Renovating a house is not as easy as it always has seemed to be.  We initially start with a plan in mind then come up with drafts written down on paper then eventually have a professional work out the details, most especially the specifications of materials and items that are needed to complete the whole …

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(No title)


In the past year as a teenager and a struggling working student over at the local university, getting past hectic schedules between studies and work was just close to impossible, most especially during weekends.  This was the only time I was supposed to have some extra time to go over lessons for the incoming week, …

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