PASAY CITY TOWNHOUSES – BURGOS 888 (Makati City Boundary)

Situated within one of Pasay City’s thoroughfares that leads out to a main road going to either Makati City (boundary that is meters away) and Manila (boundary of meters away too), the project is promised to be very accessible by both small public transports such as tricycles and public jeepneys, and more convenient transport means, bus and the LRT.  The perimeter is bounded by a well-known City hospital (Pasay General Hospital) and is just a couple of meters away from convenience stores and a very well known and established public market. Within a 10 minute drive by car, you will arrive at well known Universities and Colleges (South Eastern College, St. Mary Academy) north-bound, Manila-side.  Aside from these, there are Catholic churches (Sta. Clara Parish Church), place of worships for other religious denominations, a few minutes drive to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Sofitel Hotel, restaurants along Roxas boulevard and a lot of well-known establishments.

With the present locations of developments in housing projects that involve high-rise buildings and townhouse programs, the very basic consideration of would-be buyers are location and structural design and stability.  These are probably the most immediate concerns when people take serious steps in purchasing either a new home to be used as their personal abode or as an investment for the near future.

We would like to present to you our latest project (PASAY CITY – BURGOS 888) based on the much success we have had with our previous ones.  Due to insistent demand from prospective investors and future homeowners, we have expanded our project to the south of the metro and is situated within Pasay City, which is known to be one of the most feasible and practical areas to reside at this moment.

Among the several advantages of the Pasay City vicinity as compared to its far neighboring cities/municipalities within the northern part of the metro, is that it is just a stone’s throw away from the business center\, which is Makati.  Furthermore, only a few minutes’ drive to both domestic and international airports, large shopping malls, retail and wholesale business districts, churches, well-known schools and universities and large hotels and restaurants.  Convenience travelling to most places is made possible because of easy access to public utility vehicles and the local LRT railway.

It would come as a surprise but just like our previous projects, our pre-selling offer is just as manageable when it comes to payment schemes and terms.  It is all about offering you what we all can afford at the quality we expect from other high-priced townhouses.  You could easily go through the details below and surely you will find all that I have pointed out above.


  • Three (3) Storey Townhouse
  • Floor Area: 90-92 sq.m.
  • Lot Area: 37-40 sq.m.
  • Three (3) Bedrooms
  • Three (3) Toilet and Bath
  • One (1) – Two (2) car garage
  • Helper’s Quarters
  • Service Area

Total Investment Value : Php4,100,000

30% Down Payment : Php1,230,000

less Reservation fee : Php25,000.00

Net Down payment : Php1,205,000.00

Payable in  18 months: Php66,944.44

70% balance = Php2,870,000 less 50,000.00 discount for 1st-10 Buyers (until Jan.21, 2013 only)

70% Balance – Bank Financing: (Php2,820,000.00)
5 years @ 7.75%: Php56,842.63
10 years @ 7.75%: P33,842.99
15 years @ 7.75%: P26,543.98
»»MBTC Fixed Rate for 1 year; yearly repricing after the fixing period

On account of the successful turnovers and reception we have had from our previous and present housing projects (G. Reyes, Mola Makati, Sta. Ana, Roces, Lagmay, Seattle, 15 Avenue, Altura, J. Basa, Arellano, A. Linao, Cubao, J. Ruiz, Pandacan, Solis, Laura San Juan, N. Domingo San Juan and other various places) we have once more added another program to your wishlist of very possible options of an ideal home within metroplitan manila.  It is so far promised to be the largest among all our existing developments and is based on the same build quality and structural design that you have much sought after.  There are only two basic elements that have driven us to persevere in launching this new endeavor of ours. Affordability and location have always been our main consideration and will always be at the top of our list of primary concerns when it comes to serving our clientele with the best possible option there is.

Affordability and ease of settlement have always been a common deterrent when it comes to a possible purchase for most of us.  However, as demonstrated by our performance from past and present housing projects, we have proven this issue otherwise.  This is one reason why our projects have been among the top sought after housing ventures by individual clientele.

Location, at times, happens to be slightly more of an issue over affordability, since price is tantamount and almost always proportional to vicinity and actual proximity.  However, we will be proving this common concept as an exception to our principles and practices as developers.  We strongly believe that there is no such thing as compromises, and that being said, an assurance of quality, affordability and location is almost a guarantee when it comes to client satisfaction.

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